matt (sntx) wrote,
I've been away, but I'm back. This is funny:
Spoon departs as quietly as they came in, and the crew sets up two turntables: DJ Spooky is in the house. That Subliminal Kid - a man who is aptly and un-ironically labeled "the world's most pretentious man" by Momus - had been around campus a year before when he gave a "lecture" at the Carpenter Center for our most elite semi-hipsters in the VES department that literally proceeded like: "Using your hands as an instrument... Manipulating the media... Tactile... like... Valentine de Saint-Point... Futurist Manifesto... Here let me show you (Five minutes of scratching) This record is really rare. I am going to pass it around." I think he was nervous and could not find the mental strength to create any sort of arguments out of his silver-tipped bullet points, but the whole thing involved more pointless name dropping and intentionally obtuse prose than a Bible thrown off a cliff.
(I think this would have been circa 1998, probably, which makes it really just perfect.)
Tags: culture, music
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